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Uvlizer - UVO254™ Powered Home Disinfection Tower

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There is no better place to feel safe than home, but it can also be a breeding ground for all sorts of micro-organisms that you may not even know are there.

A recent study found that a typical desk is covered with 25,127 bacteria per square inch. That’s 18 times more germs than you'll find on the seat of a public toilet!

You never know what's lurking in the corners of your house--spores, bacteria, viruses that are living on surfaces like countertops or doorknobs just waiting for you to come along so they can spread their icky disease-causing selves all over you!

Disinfecting your home is an absolute must—especially these days when things can get scary at any moment.

It's the only way to take complete control of your and your family's environment, ensuring that it remains safe for all people in the household.

Indeed, home disinfection can be laborious, tedious, and sometimes quite confusing.

But, it doesn't need to be like that forever!

Fortunately, our species is evolving, and so our cleaning methods too. You can now have a safe environment without using toxic chemicals that can be as dangerous as the germs you're trying to fight. It's just a simple 5 seconds routine:

You turn the Uvlizer on, then leave the room. It's as simple as that!

How did Uvlizer come to life?

We are a company that believes one thing above all:

Micro-organisms shouldn't be as scary anymore, given that you have the right tools in your arsenal. We all know that inevitably new highly transmissible infectious diseases will keep rising, so we wanted you to be ready and protected from anything that the future might hold.

That's why we decided to create Uvlizer™. We were mainly inspired by the healthcare industry. They use two elements that commonly exist in nature to protect their patients and banish infectious diseases from all rooms. These elements are light (UVC rays specifically) and Tri-Oxygen.

These two natural solutions can help to keep your room free from bacteria, viruses, fungus, and molds… all without compromising your health and the health of your family by using toxic chemicals.

But it doesn’t stop there

UVlizer™ also eliminates bad odors. It does so by killing bacteria floating in the air and removing many other toxins like formaldehyde. Plus, it does not only help protect us from the viruses we know about and those lurking in our environment that haven't been discovered yet! It's like having an omnipotent super-human immune system for your home.

  • Suitable for 100-250 sq ft - The 38W bulb in Uvlizer™ can easily disinfect a whole 250 sq ft room like a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. That means you can protect yourself and your family without worrying about other side effects. Total peace of mind!

  • Chemical-Free - With Uvlizer™, you can minimize your toxic chemical exposure due to household cleaners and disinfectants. Don’t compromise your health while staying safe. It's great for the surfaces, the environment, your time, and your wallet.

  • The freshest smell you’ve ever experienced - After one use, your home will have an oddly fresh scent that smells like nothing you've smelled before. Many homes with pets or kids can benefit from Uvlizer™!

  • Can be used on any household item - Use it on silverware, dishes, telephone handsets, laptops, or other home appliances. You can even create a sterilization room where you put everything you want to disinfect once you get home.
  • Lightweight and portable - Uvlizer™ is small and light, allowing it to fit in your luggage easily. With public life and traveling resuming soon, Uvlizer™ will keep you safe wherever you go, whether BNBs or hotel rooms.

  • Safety timer - The safety timer built-in Uvlizer™ will prevent any accidental exposure to its UV rays and will give you plenty of time to leave the room. Plus, the internal timer will allow you to set the cleaning cycle depending on your needs. You can even set the timer at night, go to sleep, then wake up to a clean and safer environment.

  • Not Only for Your Home - Uvlizer™ is also suitable for disinfecting other places you spend time in. Many of our customers are using it to fight infections in their office, hair salon, spa, dental office, waiting room…

A One Time Investment In Your Health That Will Pay For Itself

Think to yourself, how many times would you need to buy all-purpose cleaners? Or how many times would you need to buy bleach and disinfectants? All of these are called consumables.

In contrast, Uvlizer is a one-time investment that will enhance your health and your loved ones’ health while saving you money along the way. You can forget about your worries from using wipes or chemicals or having a house smelling like bleach most of the time.

Try It Before You Decide With Our 90-Days-No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.

You make an order, receive it, then try it for a while. Suppose for any given reason you don't like it. Or maybe your spouse doesn't like it. Or you might feel like it's not adding value to your life. Even if you just need your money back because of urgency, then reach out to our 24/7 customer support team within 90 days of making your purchase, and we will provide a full refund.


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Uvlizer - UVO254™ Powered Home Disinfection Tower

Morad Soulati

Uvlizer - UVO254™ Powered Home Disinfection Tower

Gina Epps
Great product

Highly recommend

R Perry
Uvlizer does the job...

The Uvlizer does what is advertised... The smell of ozone lingers for a while, but they claim it's the smell of clean. I would like to see more information to reassure me that its safe to breath after the recommended wait time.. I have dust mite allergies and I've noticed my head is clear when I wake up, which tells me it works..

D. W. Hitz
Fresh fresh air. Excellent

Excellent piece of engineering. Will be starting testing for mold soon. Will keep you posted.