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The Safer The Better!
The Hangable Uvlizer Now Added

We thought you might like this easily-hangable UV-C sterilizer lamp, that uses an infrared sensor to automatically shut off whenever a person is detected to ensure maximum safety.

Why people usually buy this as the ideal match to Uvlizer:
  • Fast disinfection of 30s
  • Automatically shuts off when someone is detected thanks to its infrared sensor
  • Portable and easily hangable everywhere around the house
  • Powerful UV-C sterilizer lamp
  • Such a convenient and discreet size that it almost goes unseen
  • Large Capacity built-in battery that can offer up to 300 sterilizations per charging

This little guy is specially designed for doorknobs or elevator buttons, wardrobes, shoes or cloth cabinets, and even for toilets and kitchen cupboards.

It not only uses its ultraviolet disinfection powers to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in all microbes and germs, but it also offers a 180°-angle-range that’s adjustable to fit your application choice.

What we love the most about it is that it’s powerful, and yet it’s so small it almost goes unnoticed. It’s independent, you don’t have to worry about interfering with its operation phase at any given moment.

It’s quick, the disinfection will barely take a minute, in fact, it only takes half of that. 30 seconds and the specific area is completely sanitized!

Plus it serves as a perfect complement to Uvlizer!

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