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Your Uvlizer is covered by a warranty for a period of one year for the frame
and six months for the light tube. The warranty period is from the date of

If a fault occurs from normal use within the warranty period, the Company will provide free maintenance or replacement. Warranty does not cover shipping costs.

  • Warranty Conditions:
    1. When requesting free maintenance within the warranty period, users must present a valid receipt or proof of purchase. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase on the receipt.
    2. Free maintenance will not be provided for damage which results from the user’s improper packaging when sending back the device.
    3. After any repair, the user can continue to enjoy the maintenance service provided by the manufacturer until the end of the original warranty period.
  • Warranty limits:

The Company is not responsible for the following situations and will not
provide warranty service in these cases.

    1. Faults or damage resulting from fire, earthquake, the behavior of a third party, fault or misuse caused by users, usage under abnormal conditions and unpredictable events.
    2. Related damages caused by the use of the product (such as loss of business benefit, interruption of business, or loss resulting from the use of the device, including the cost of replacement equipment, devices or services, or claims incurred by users).
    3. Damage resulting from inappropriate operation which is beyond the scope of the instructions.
    4. Faults or damage resulting from a working environment which the product is not designed for, including electrical overload.
    5. Improper storage by users
      (such as damage caused by rats or water damage).
    6. Faults or damage resulting from the use of accessories, fittings or substitutes that are not sold by the Company.
    7. Faults or damage resulting from the user’s disassembly or attempted disassembly of the device.
    8. Other situations beyond the Company’s control.

To initiate a claim, contact customer service by emailing warranty@getuvlizer.com or calling (844) 924-1072, Monday - Friday 9 AM to 9 PM EST.